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Buy Craft Jerky Online

When you want to buy beef jerky online where should you turn?

Well, you could go to the big box brands and get blah and bland and dryer out jerky. Or, you can choose DoubleG Craft Jerky and get the best tasting jerky online, the freshest beef jerky online, and made for a great guy – Professional Disc Golfer –  DoubleG. 

Double G won the 2018 Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship Award as “someone who exemplifies sportsmanship both on and off the disc golf course, observes the rules of play, and wins or loses with grace.”

You have many chooses to buy craft jerky online, so when you are looking at which beef jerky to buy, please note some of these benefits.

DoubleG Jerky has:

  • High-protein  – 11 Grams per serving – 27 Grams per package!!
  • Carefully curated, high-quality 100 percent grass-fed beef jerky using only the finest cuts of beef 

  • Air-dried
  • Low in Sugar
  • Low Fat
  • No Saturated Fat
  • Our craft beef jerky is a Low Carb Treat ( only 3G per serving!)

With all of these benefits, why not try your own and order some DoubleG Craft Jerky Today!

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