Where to Buy the Best Beef Jerky Online?

Buy the Best Beef Jerky Online

If you’re a fan of beef jerky meat, you’ll want to make sure you obtain the best. Many companies claim to sell jerky, but finding the best is a difficult task. It is critical to ensure that when purchasing food, you purchase food that is free of contamination. Before you buy jerky, make careful to […]

The Different Types of Jerky

The Different Types of Jerky

Jerky is a traditional way to preserve meat, fish, and fowl. Many generations of humanity have dried meats and seafood into Jerky as a necessity to keep food fresh for longer periods without refrigeration. Nowadays, Jerky is a convenient cuisine, ideal for hikers, campers, or simply as a non-messy snack. Commercial Jerky is available in […]

About Garrett “ DoubleG” Gurthie

Raised in Florida, Garrett Gurthie (a.k.a., “DoubleG”) comes from a humble background that was focused on family and friends. Introduced to the sport of disc golf as a youth, he immediately excelled and, after many years of practice and preparation, has matured into one of the sports’ best competitors. DoubleG is best known for his […]