DoubleG Craft Jerky

About Garrett “ DoubleG” Gurthie

Raised in Florida, Garrett Gurthie (a.k.a., “DoubleG”) comes from a humble background that was focused on family and friends.

Introduced to the sport of disc golf as a youth, he immediately excelled and, after many years of practice and preparation, has matured into one of the sports’ best competitors. DoubleG is best known for his power with the disc, but also has the ability to finesse his way around the course. He has refined his skills such that he has the ability to not only launch exceedingly long throws, but also has amazingly accurate placement. Double G’s natural athleticism and dedication has resulted in him becoming one of the top performers in the professional ranks.

Additionally, he is considered one of the most likeable and engaging athletes in disc golf with a strong commitment to inspiring young people to join and succeed in the sport.

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